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Free-From Fourteen: Goodbye Glue-ten

Welcome to the first post of our Free-From Fourteen series. So what’s it all about?

You might be surprised to find out that Gosh! is naturally free from every single one of the most common food allergens; all 14 of them. No compromises: this is pure feel-good food, brimming with confidence and bursting with taste.

To celebrate, we’ve decided to mark the 14th of every month with a blog post dedicated to each allergen. This month, it’s all about gluten…

Goodbye Glue-ten

Gluten. We don’t think the name is a coincidence; gluten has an annoying habit of sticking to foods we all crave on a daily basis. Cereal, bread, cake, pasta? Check, check, check and check.

Reading through lists of foods containing gluten is enough to make you reach for a beer. Oh no wait, gluten sticks to that too.

Did you know?

Playdough can contain gluten. Yes, you read that right. It’s usually made with wheat flour, so if you’re coeliac/gluten intolerant and you feel your inner child bursting to come out, perhaps try Lego instead.

Cross contamination is real. Troublesome little specks of wheat flour have a habit of staying airborne, which means your exposed chopping board or your gluten free pizza dough is at risk of being invaded. Luckily, the Gosh! factory is Coeliac Society certified and is completely allergen free – so if your allergy is severe, then you don’t need to worry.

Some cosmetics, like lipstick and lip balm, contain gluten; but Coeliac UK assures us that you’re unlikely to swallow enough of it to cause a problem (see here). So unless you like chowing down on your best cherry red or pink sheen then we think you’ll be ok.

So how do you unstick yourself?

We’ve got you covered. Our whole Gosh! range is naturally free-from gluten, along with 13 other allergens. And, since you asked nicely, we’ve got some delicious gluten free recipes for you right here…