All of our Gosh! products are free from the top 14 allergens including – Cereals containing gluten, nuts (including peanuts), egg, milk, soya, celery, mustard, lupin, sesame seeds, sulphites, molluscs, crustaceans, fish.

Yes the whole range is vegan and approved by the Vegan Society.

We are always trying to increase our availability and bring Gosh! to a store near you.  You can help by requesting Gosh! at the customer services in your local store.

We get quite a few emails asking why we use black plastic trays as they can’t be recycled. Can we move to clear plastic, or better still, no plastic at all?

Why we use black trays

There’s been a lot of hype in the media recently around plastic and telling us how bad it is, especially black plastic. The saying goes, there are two sides to every story

We want to assure you we are doing our bit and we’ll explain it a bit more…

Black plastic can be produced by mixing several colours together from different sources, including off-cuts from the production process. 

The trays we use are typically made up of 70% recycled material, something that wouldn’t be possible if the trays were clear. This amount would be even higher if more recycled material was available.

The material we use is called RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) and has the potential for 100% recycling and re-use, as the polymer is infinitely recyclable. We think that’s what we should all be aiming for.

It has become apparent that the technology/machines used in some local authority recycling centres are not sophisticated enough to detect black plastic. We’re working closely with our suppliers who are aiming to find a solution to help with the detection.

Why we use plastic at all

Plastic is a fantastic packaging material for food. Without it, food waste in stores & our homes would increase and lead to greater environmental problems. A ton of food waste produces far more carbon dioxide than a ton of packaging.

Our packaging allows us to extend the shelf life of our products past a few days, reducing waste, without the use of artificial preservatives, keeping all our products natural. Something we couldn’t do with alternative packaging materials.

‘Zero waste to landfill’ recognition

We are also proud to have received a Greener Path Award for ‘Zero Waste to landfill’ issued by ACM Environmental PLC.  This award is to celebrate the great work businesses across the UK are doing in reducing the impact they have on the environment. Businesses who demonstrate exemplary effort and achievement in minimising waste, boost recycling and increasing landfill diversion while seeking out innovative and sustainable ways to handle waste streams. 

Gosh! have fully optimised the diversion of waste from landfill and have demonstrated clear further commitments towards the ongoing goal of ‘Zero Landfill’.

Our Gosh! products are all fully cooked through so are safe to eat straight from the pack, however we think they are even more delicious when heated up. Follow heating instructions on the back of the pack.

Yes all of our Gosh! products can be frozen. We suggest that you freeze on day of purchase and use within 1 month.  Most of them can be heated up from frozen too apart from our Vegetable Tuscan Bites.  These are better if defrosted first.  Shelf life once defrosted is 3 days.

No, none of our products contain palm oil.

Yes, all of our products are fully cooked so they are safe to eat straight from the pack if you choose.

Our products are accredited by Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society, Coeliac Society, Kosher Accreditation: KLBD (Kosher London Beth Din) & SKA (Sephardi Kashrut Authority)