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We’re in the midst of a heatwave, so if you’re feeling too hot, then click away from these gorgeous acts of kindness that are guaranteed to warm your heart.

At Gosh! We believe kindness is key and we’re always on the lookout for fabulous people doing amazing things. Share your acts of kindness with us across social media with #GoshKindness.

1. Policeman calms autistic boy at train station

I wanted to take a few minutes to share something incredible that happened today. This afternoon I picked up Andrew from…

Posted by Taylor Pomilla on Friday, 19 July 2019

Taylor, a mother from Washington shared her gratitude this week after a kind policeman stepped in after noticing her struggling with her son Andrew. Andrew suffers from autism, and wasn’t coping with a long train journey, so the policeman offered to join them on the rest of their journey to help distract and entertain him. Taylor said: ‘This officer COMPLETELY went out of his way to help Andrew. He honestly restored my faith that there are good people still left in the world. To that officer, I truly can not say thank you enough for your immeasurable amount of kindness and for making Andrew’s day (probably his whole year).

2. Strangers help elderly man tick ‘surfing’ off his bucket list

A group of friends at the beach were approached by a woman this week with an unusual request. Her elderly husband was ticking items off his bucket list, and wanted them to help him ‘surf a wave’. The friends were more than happy to help and his list is now one down.

3. Phone returned to Doctor

A Doctor in Chester was delighted when a stranger handed in his lost mobile phone this week, showing that even small acts like handing in items to lost property can make all the difference.

 We love seeing how kindness spreads, so if you’ve seen an example of kindness you’d like to share with us email us at hello@goshfood.com.

“Kindness is free to give, but priceless to receive.”