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Gosh! falafels really are out of this world. Gosh!, the plant-based, free-from food producer, has been researching and developing Earth-friendly ways of creating its products. Exciting new research shows that the chickpea plant (Cicer arietinum) is able to withstand the extreme temperature changes and environment of space and on the Moon’s surface.

Gosh! hired Dr Enrico Aroldo as Head of Extra-terrestrial Micro-carpological New Product Development (ETMCNPD) to accelerate the development plan for the Gosh! space-grown falafel. Evidence from the new product development laboratory at Gosh! HQ highlighted the resilience of the chickpea, and its ability to grow in extreme conditions. Combine this with recent research from the Chang’e 4 Moon Lander which showed that plant-life is possible on the Moon, this leads to the potential development of a designated allotment on its 37.9 million square kilometre surface.

(Dr Enrico Aroldo, Head of ETMCNPD, Gosh! Food)

Dr Aroldo says: “We are reaching a new frontier of plant-based eating with our developments, as we have successfully crafted a free-from Falafel using chickpeas grown in our Cryo chamber. The temperatures in the chamber replicate those in space and on the dark side of the Moon, we have also found an additional benefit that these temperatures help retain the freshness of the plant matter.”

“So far we have managed to raise funds for the seed pods and specially developed growing chamber,” he continues. “The next step is the biggest hurdle: getting it up into space. This is obviously the most costly part of the operation, so we are looking into the most efficient and cost effective methods of doing this. We still have a long way to go. Our research has taken us one step closer, and while food from space is still a long way in the future, this shouldn’t discredit the fantastic achievements we have managed so far.


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