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It’s all about togetherness. It’s all about making those memories that bring warmth and a smile years down the line. Here are our top ten, cost-lite and easy-effort ideas for bringing more fun and deeper connections to your relationships.

  1. The annual photobooth
    You’re never too old to jump into a public photobooth and pull out your silly or loving face. By having an annual ritual (perhaps on one of your birthdays) of taking photobooth photos with your loved ones you’ll create a library of your relationship over time.
  2. Dance together
    Dancing liberates the mind and body and is the perfect way to get in some giggles.
  3. The wanted poster
    You remember the Western film-style wanted posters? How about creating one for your loved one with their photo and a couple of lines about why you want them in your life.
  4. Write a thank you letter
    We all know the power of appreciation. Marry that up with an old-fashioned posted letter and you’ve got something special. Remember to make it as personalised as possible – so swap out any generic lines for specifics about what makes your recipient unique.
  5. Plant native seeds
    Find out what grows naturally where you live and plant some seeds together in your garden or window box. You’ll be adding some colour and the bees will thank you! You can even make some positive intentions about what else you’d like to see grow in your life too.
  6. Call them on the telephone!
    In our era of email and texting, we often forget to phone for a chat but the benefits of being present to hear what someone is saying are powerful.
  7. Exercise together
    Motivate each other to reach your exercise goals. Ideally you’ll get out in to nature for a doubly good dose of feel-good endorphins, but even a free YouTube video in your lounge will be uplifting.
  8. Their charity of choice
    Do you know, or could you find out the charity they support? If so, you could donate an amount you can afford and show your loved one that what is meaningful to them is meaningful to you too.
  9. Watch clouds together
    It’s easy to take the sky for granted but really it’s an ever-changing artwork that’s unique every moment. Lying on a bed looking out the window, or on the grass outside together, taking in the beauty of the sky is a truly relaxing way to spend an hour.
  10. Tell them something positive everyday for a week
    Find seven things you appreciate about your friend or family member and tell them one every day for a week. This is a massive self-esteem boost and a lovely surprise for them.

At the end of the day, we all want to be understood, wanted and cherished. When you give this gift to another, it usually comes back to you. If not, you’ll feel good anyway.

Life’s amazing, let’s enjoy it, together.