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A recent study, has proved that being kind could boost your immune system and help you live a longer and fuller life. At Gosh! we maintain kindness as one of our core values and at the heart of everything we do. Today is World Kindness Day so we’re bringing you a special edition of our Kindness Edit to celebrate! We’ve asked some of our brand advocates and kindness ambassadors to tell us in their own words exactly, ‘What Kindness Means to Me’…

Jane Rayner, CEO of Gosh!

“Kindness is a gift that all of us can give. It’s a conscious decision that we make, and the smallest acts of kindness can make a huge difference. The most amazing thing about it is that by being kind, you feel better too.”

Rachel Moule, Gosh! Kindness Café Creator

“Kindness is a game changer – no matter what the scale. It’s a contagious feeling that can be triggered by just complimenting someone on their outfit, to big time kindness gestures such as charitable donations or acts of truly altruistic behaviour.

“For me, kindness is a daily decision you take in the morning, smiling at people, taking the time to give perhaps sacrifice selfish wants and desires for a moment and behaving gently and selflessly for the whole day can impact mental health in a positive way for both you and those around you. It’s a kind of religion in that sense.”

Phillipa Smith, Editor at Be Kind Magazine

“Kindness to me is about being selfless – it’s looking at a person as a complete equal, understanding their needs and reacting accordingly, whatever the situation. I’m so lucky to be able to share wonderful stories of kindness every day at work – there are so many brilliant people doing incredible things for others and it’s so life-affirming to hear about, particularly in today’s tumultuous society.”

Kripa Dewani, Founder of 15min _Mom and Gosh! Recipe Creator

“Kindness: we are all very busy in our lives and our day to day battles but when we find the time to selflessly give our time and attention to someone in need, that is kindness! When we feed someone that is homeless or on the streets, that is kindness. When we offer someone a hug and exchange some positive words, that is kindness. Giving away our time to someone else in any form or way is kindness!”

Gemma Ogston, Founder of Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen and Gosh! Content Creator

Kindness is sharing a warm smile with someone that needs it.

Kindness is being generous with your heart and considerate with your thoughts.

Kindness is being non-judgemental and your true self.

Kindness is contagious so please share some today!”

There is no better day than today to go out there and spread some kindness! Or if you’ve seen any examples of kindness you’d like to share with us, email us at hello@goshfood.com