When are we moving to clear trays?

We will start to see the first clear trays in market in April 2019, but due to our production and distribution process, it may take until June for all our black plastic trays to be off of the supermarket shelves.

As a company that prides itself on being kind to ourselves, animals and the planet, we want to ensure that our packaging matches this ethos.

We have been working with our tray suppliers and have sourced clear trays, that like our current black trays, are comprised of predominantly recycled material and are 100% recyclable. The major benefit of clear trays is that these can be effectively detected and sorted at recycling centres, ensuring that they are actually being recycled.

We hope you’re pleased to hear this update from us and we’ll keep working to make sure we continue to take on your feedback to become better where we can.

Why we use plastic at all

Plastic is a fantastic packaging material for food. Without it, food waste in stores and our homes would increase and lead to greater environmental problems. A ton of food waste produces far more carbon dioxide than a ton of packaging.
Because we don’t use any artificial preservatives in our food, plastic packaging allows us to extend the shelf life of our products past a few days, reducing waste whilst still keeping all of our products natural – something we couldn’t do with alternative packaging materials.