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Second up in our Free From Fourteen series, it’s time for soya to take centre stage.

As sweet as soya tastes and sounds, not everyone can deal with it. But you don’t have to live a life deprived if you don’t get along with soya.

Soya and it’s many friends, (think soya milk, soy sauce, and tofu to name a few) all come from the humble soya bean, which is a type of legume, like peas and lentils. It’s a very popular ingredient in a lot of Asian dishes, having been part of their diet for over 2000 years, making your local Chinese takeaway a bit of a minefield for soya allergy sufferers. But if you are partial to a good bit of Asian cuisine, why not try making it yourself? Yummly has compiled a fabulous list of mouth-watering soya-free Asian recipes for you to try at home. Check it out here.

Have you tried coconut aminos? It’s a gorgeous alternative to soy sauce, made from coconut sap. Coconut aminos’ rich, dark and salty-sweet flavour tastes fabulous in stir fries and salads, and it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and, as the name suggests, lots of amino acids. Seventeen to be exact! Amino acids boost muscle repair and growth, immune system function, and energy, so it’s good to get a few of these guys in your system.

Surprisingly, soya can also creep up in unexpected places like bread, cereals, cookies and even protein bars! In fact, Allergy UK has found that as many as 60% of processed foods contain soya.

But don’t worry! Every one of Gosh!’s bakes, burgers and bites are naturally free from the nation’s top 14 allergens – yes, even soya! And if you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve got some irresistible soya-free recipes over here. Now isn’t that a load off your mind?