Playfulness for Good

Disco Yoga

Raise a smile

Clear some space, grab your glitter and get ready to limber up — we’re bringing Disco Yoga right to your doorstep! What can you expect? 15 minutes of fitness fun, and all for a good cause. Whether you’re grabbing your mates or going solo, it’s the taking part that counts.

This video will be permanently available, so anyone can watch it and join in anytime (although we highly recommend not participating straight after a big meal!) We hope you love the video, and remember that whilst our fabulous instructor is very knowledgable, every body is different, so please listen to your own body and stop if it doesn’t feel right.

FunRaisers are completely free to join in with, however we hope these events will raise funds, as well as smiles, for our chosen charity. If you have a moment after the class, please visit our BT funding page. This will be live all year, and all funds raised will be for The Kindly Collective.

Life’s amazing, lets enjoy it, together.