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The products from our sister company, Great Food, were consolidated under the Gosh! brand in February 2018, extending the Gosh! range from 5 to 17 products. Available in pack sizes ranging from 200g to 840g in both retail and food service packs (please see full SKU details below).

We constantly source the latest trends, customer feedback and new inspiration from around the world to bring together the best of the best for you. Sometimes we develop completely new and exciting compositions, sometimes we take old favourites and add an adventurous twist. Either way, we produce the food that people really want – beautiful flavours with the authenticity of real-food ingredients. All made on-site at HQ; our food is not mass-produced. It’s full of the texture you’d expect from homemade food.

Yes, every product is vegan and yes, all choices are free-from the major 14 allergens but one thing has been proven time and time again. Everyone can enjoy Gosh! food because it’s not second-rate alternative food, this is healthy food that boasts exquisite flavours, and even the most carnivorous folk revel in it.

For samples and further trade information please get in touch.