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It may be cold (and snowy in some parts of the UK!), but if anything will warm your heart it’s these incredible acts of kindness we’ve discovered.

At Gosh! We believe kindness is key and we’re always on the lookout for fabulous people doing amazing things. Share your acts of kindness with us across social media with #GoshKindness.

1. Free Falafel

As fellow falafel lovers, we were especially moved by the offer of free food from Imad’s Syrian Kitchen to those who are hungry and unable to afford lunch. The pop-up restaurant in London’s Soho is run by Syrian refugee Imad Alarnab and charity Help Refugees, with profits going to the cause.

2. Firewomen inspire a young girl

After Hannah Summers tweeted that her daughter Esme had returned home from school expressing her wish to be a boy so she could become a firefighter, Firewomen from around the world responded with inspiring videos to prove that little girls can grow up to fight fires too.

Firefighters from the UK were featured in the first video, but soon responses from as far as New York and Vancouver were being sent to the four year old.

3. Over $170,000 raised for Fyre Festival caterer


In 2017 the organisation of a music festival collapsed leaving hundreds of staff on the Bahamian Island of Exuma unpaid. This week, after a revealing documentary was released on Netflix, members of the public joined together to fundraise for a caterer who used her life savings to pay some of the disappointed workers, and in less than a week $189,000 has been raised.

We love seeing how kindness spreads, so if you’ve seen an example of kindness you’d like to share with us email us at hello@goshfood.com.

“Kindness is free to give, but priceless to receive.”