Playfulness for Good

Raise a smile

Playfulness for Good is the ongoing, umbrella initiative to inspire us all to do good via various exciting and playful activities such as the FunRaisers.

We all know the power of a smile to lift the day so it’s our mission to create more of them - for you as our customers, and for those whose lives you touch.

Gosh! celebrates life, togetherness and adventure. Join us.

Disco Yoga

Get your lycra on!

Clear some space, grab your glitter and get ready to limber up — we’re bringing Disco Yoga right to your doorstep! What can you expect? 15 minutes of fitness fun, and all for a good cause. Whether you’re grabbing your mates or going solo, it’s the taking part that counts.

Join in

Why playfulness?

We surveyed a range of customers to find out what’s most important to you, because we wanted to give back. So throughout our day-to-day communications and quarterly FunRaisers you’ll be given the inspiration and permission to play again - to let go, explore and imagine a brighter world for yourself and others - because it turns out that that’s what we’re all looking for.

We’re all open to more fun, freedom and connection but often we feel too busy to stop to enjoy our day as much as we’d like to. For some of us, we’ve forgotten how to play, yet playfulness is where we meet those moments of wonder and exhilaration that bring us back to what’s important in life. So get ready to have some seriously good fun.