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Sesame seeds may actually be the oldest used condiment known to man. So we’re starting a bit of a revolution with our Gosh! burgers, bakes and bites – because they don’t contain any! Lots of people suffer with a sesame seed allergy, but there’s no need to worry. As always, Gosh! has got you covered.

Sesame is actually the most common seed allergy in the world. Interestingly (and annoyingly!) these little seeds are sometimes referred to as Benne, Gingelly, Til or Teel, Simsim and Ajonjoli – so make sure you check for these in the ingredients list if you’re buying foreign food. Sesame seeds come from the sesamum indicum plant, which blooms with beautiful pink and white flowers. Their seeds have been used as a culinary tradition for centuries, and are still used in everyday foods to this day.

You’re most likely to find sesame seeds in the bread and bakery section of your supermarket, although some sesame allergy sufferers can eat a small amount of whole seeds on bread, because it’s the oil inside when the seed is split that actually contains the allergens (but don’t try it unless you’re sure!). Sesame oil is made by cold-pressing the seeds, and is used commonly as a cooking oil, especially in Asian cuisine, and you can even find it in some cosmetics!

A sesame allergy when you’re vegetarian or vegan can be particularly tricky to tackle, as sesame is a favourite in a lot of veggie dishes and sauces, like hummus and tahini. Still want to get your fix of that good stuff from Greece? Mikhaela at Safe and Scrumptious has put together this wonderful recipe for what she calls “faux-hini” that is fantastically free from sesame, soya, dairy, egg, nuts, peanuts and mustard: click here to make it for yourself. Try it as a dipping sauce for our delightfully delicious Sweetcorn and Quinoa Bites with a Hint of Harissa & Paprika. They’re sesame free, along with all of the UK’s top 14 allergens, just like all of our lovely Gosh! products. Click here for even more fabulous allergen-free recipes. See? Cutting out sesame isn’t as hard as you thought!