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The first rule of sulphite club, is we do not TALK about sulphite club. Okay, that’s a lie, we’re going to be talking quite a lot about sulphites in the next few paragraphs. But rules are made to be broken!

E numbers have gotten a bad rap over the years. E numbers are EU approved additives, including colours, preservatives, flavours, stabilizers and thickeners. Some are good, some are bad, but what about sulphites? Are sulphites bad for everybody, or just allergy sufferers?

Interestingly, sulphite allergies are actually quite rare, with only 2% of Brits suffering with it. But the reason those sneaky sulphites are classed as one of the nation’s top 14 allergens is because they can cause asthma and allergic rhinitis sufferers to have allergy-like symptoms, like coughing, wheezing and a tight chest.

Because of these nasty symptoms, there has been quite some confusion about what sulphites do when they enter our bodies. There’s been a rumour or two buzzing around that sulphites can be very bad for you, even if you don’t suffer with an allergy or intolerance. They’ve been blamed for many things, including bloating, headaches, grogginess, and even hangovers. You can now actually buy wine decanters that remove sulphites, claiming to remove any chance of a rough morning after!

The fact is: if you don’t suffer with asthma or a sulphite allergy, there’s no reason to avoid them in your food. Sulphites are completely harmless to most people, and could even be good for you. But if you have been diagnosed with an intolerance or allergy, there’s still no need to worry. Allergy UK recommends being wary of pickled foods, dried fruit, tinned coconut milk, beer, vegetable juices, condiments, guacamole and prawns.

Not keen of that long list? There’s still a whole host of delicious food and drink you can enjoy! HyperFoodie have this fantastic recipe for sulphite-free Bean Dip that will go fabulously with our wonderful Sweetcorn and Quinoa Bites. Yep, they’re sulphite-free too! In fact, our entire range of burgers, bakes and bites are free from the UK’s top 14 allergens. What’s not to love?